Physiodermie is a Swiss made complete product line for the face and body. These products are used in all our facial and body treatments. The products contain natural ingredients: essential oils, seaweed, oligo elements and vegetable extracts. These are carefully selected from nature to avoid all risks towards coetaneous allergies. All products have a balanced high concentration formula to rapidly penetrate the skin leading to immediate results

Everything for the well being of the feet

A product for every kind of foot problem. Gehwol offers products to warm cold feet, combat foot odor and fungus, moisturize hard skin and calluses, and soothe tired feet and legs. These products are used in our pedicure services and are a must for anyone who spends time on their feet.

We carry OPI nail polish as well as OPI's nail Envey that helps fortify and harden thin, brittle nails. Our many topcoats such as 'Healthy Hoof', 'Out the Door' and 'Kryptonite' are all fast drying with durable shine and are available for purchase in the Studio. (all coats listed can be worn with or without polish).

Our quality line of base coats is designed to conceal the look of lines and ridges in your natural nail and to give your nails a more smooth appearance. Yellow Out can be worn as a base coat while it works to remove the yellow coloring from natural and artificial nails as it smoothes and whitens. Seabreeze highly recommends this product to those who smoke to prevent nicotine and staining and for those who use indoor tanning beds. (this product is not recommended as a top coat over colored nail polishes).

After a warm shower or during a stressful day at work, relieve a little tension and soothe away the day's anxieties with Creative Scentsations hand & body lotions. This collection of aroma therapeutic moisturizers with a harmonious balance of scents quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft, refreshed and delicately scented. Each lotion contains vitamins A and E and aloe vera for extra moisturizing. Creative Scentsations are scentsational for the mind and body. Soothe the body and the senses with all fourteen scents.
Available in 2 fl. oz., 8.3 fl. oz. and 31 fl. oz.

Wildflower and Chamomile

Peach and Ginseng

Tangerine and Lemongrass

Pear and Dandelion

Melon and Jasmine

Black Cherry and Nutmeg

Citrus and Green Tea

Lavender and Jojoba


Birch and Mint

Cucumber and Aloe

Vanilla Shimmer

Mango and Coconut

Honeysuckle and Pink Grapefruit

Emerald Bay

Anyone can use the Emerald Bay products. This line is used more for moisturizing the skin rather than intensifying the tan. It will eliminate the smell on the skin that is caused when lotion is not worn in the bed.

Sunburst Sorbet
Contains sugar cane bronzers, giving the client instant results. While still providing the client with the vitamins and moisturizers needed to achieve a healthy looking tan.

Coconut Colada
Contains vitamins and minerals and proteins that benefit the skin with moisturizing properties.

Anti-aging facial cream. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Revitalizing, moisturizing and soothing properties. Apply after tanning or UV exposure.

Tan Extender. Moisturizer helps to extend the life of the tan and maintain a smooth even appearance.

Cooling Gel. Aloe Vera and kiwi after tanning moisturizer for soothing relief from sun exposure both indoors and out.

Emerge Step 1
Cor achieving a base tan. Good for fair skin.

Axcel Step 2
Post-base tan formula. Suitable for all skin types.

Extra- Step 3
An extra boost for clients who have reached a plateau and want to get darker.

Surge Step 4
Has a reddening and stimulating action. Fair skin clients can not use this product.

Maxima Step 5
Maximum strength. Includes accelerators, intensifiers and Moisturizers.

Extra Cool
Tan intensifier plus Aromatherapy. Enables you to get deep color beyond your normal tan plateau. Intensifies your tanning, cools your senses and refreshes your skin. Apply liberally to entire body immediately before and after tanning indoors and out.

Extra Cool w/ Hemp
Takes you far beyond any pre-existing tan plateau. Hemp oil provides ultra-rich moisture to the skin with EFA (essential fatty acids) for the ultimate smooth, even appearance. Apply liberally to entire body immediately before and after tanning indoors and out.