Due to the relaxing nature of our services, we ask that only one friend accompany you during your visit.

$55 Eyebrow
$65 Labret
$65 Lip
$65 Monroe
$40 Ear Cartilage
$65 Conch
$55 Navel
$65 Lower Navel
$55 Tragus
$55 Rook
$90 Industrial
$40 Nose
$12 - $20 Ear Lobe (Gun)
$40 Ear Lobe (Needle) for one and $65 for both

If you are looking for a particular piercing that is not listed above, please feel free to contact us. We may be able to perform it. Prices for specialty piercings usually range from $65 and up.

Must be 16 and over with proper I.D
(Please see piercing info for "proper I.D." types)

$75 Tongue

(Please see piercing info for "Proper I.D." types)

$95 Female Exotic
$55 Nipple
$95 Both Nipples

All piercing requires proof of age. Two pieces of ID are required. One with a picture e.g. Driver‚s License, passport or student card and a second e.g. Birth Certificate. Under 16 we require a signature of your parent. This cannot be completed over the phone, by fax or by note.

Once your piercing hs completely healed, you can change your jewellry and add accessories. We carry hundreds of items in the Studio; however, if nothing catches your eye, take a few minutes to browse our special order book.

** All Special Orders require a 50% deposit and take a minimum of two weeks delivery **

The ear lobe is most commonly pierced with a stud using a gun. However, we are pleased to offer piercing with a hoop using a needle.
We do not pierce the lobe under the age of 6 months; we also recommend young children have both ears pierced simultaneously.

We reserve the right to recommend against piercing some earlobes.