We offer a light cured Gel Nail. These nails can be worn either with or without polish, as they are one of the more natural looking artificial nail available. Odorless, flexible and non-lifting, Gel Nails are definitely your best choice in today's advanced technology. These nails are also available with permanent French. To maintain nails between fill we recommend wearing gloves when cleaning or using chemicals. We also recommend that you use a non-acetone polish remover as the acetone can promote lifting of the gel.

Set of Gel Nails - $58

Set with Permanent French - $68

Fill Within 2 Weeks - $30
Fill After 2 Weeks - $35
(With Permanent French add $10)

Nail Repair - $4
New Nail with Fill - $2
New Nail - $5
Gel Nail Removal - $28

Nail Art from $5
Nail Charm(s) from $5

Now finally a solution is available. Pedique is a product that can be used to control, correct or conceal the following problems.

Fungal Nails
Black Nails
Thick Nails
Ingrown Toenails
Nail Removed

Pedique also corrects Chipped, Broken, Ridged or discolored nails. With Pedique, nail disorders can be treated permanently.

What is Pedique?

It is a new light cured product used for the reconstruction and correction of Toe Nails. It can level grooves and deformations, conceal discolorations, lengthen toenails and seal Toe Nail braces to the surface on the Toe Nail.
Toenail corrections per toe $12 and up
Gel Toenails - New Set $65
Fill every 4-8 weeks $43